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Recordings from 1980

1980 Say it with Music

~new recording
EMI MPF 41 5701 4
EMI Abbey Road Studios, London
MOC (Musical Director ~ Alwyn Humphreys) ~ Band of HM Royal Marines (Conductor ~ Lt Col R Mason)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt

Side One
SAY IT WITH IRVING BERLIN ~ (Say it With Music ~ Marie ~ Easter Parade ~ How Deep Is The Ocean ~ Always ~ White Christmas) ~ MY PRAYER ~ BARBER-SHOP BALLADS ~ (Moonlight Bay ~ By The Light Of The Silvery Moon ~ Ramona ~ The Wiffenpoof Song ~ Sweet Genevieve ~ On The Banks Of The Wabash ~ The Band Played On ~ In The Good Old Summertime) ~ SONGS OF THE SEA ~ (The Mermaid ~ A-Roving ~ Belle, Belle My Liberty Belle ~ My Truly, Truly Fair ~ The Last Farewell ~ Shenandoah ~ Spanish Ladies ~ Portsmouth)

Side Two
SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL ~ BROADWAY SHOW-STOPPERS ~ (There’s A Coach Comin’ In ~ Once A Year Day ~ The Deadwood Stage ~ Get Me To The Church On Time ~ Thank Heaven For Little Girls ~ How To Handle A Woman ~ Camelot ~ Hello Dolly ~ Flash, Bang Wallop ~ He’s In Love ~ Stranger In Paradise) - MUSICAL COMEDY GEMS ~ ( My Heart And I ~ Pedro The Fisherman ~ The Donkey Serenade ~ Indian Love Call ~ Vilja ~ The Drinking Song ~ The White Horse Inn)

Re-issued LP with this new cover on Music for Pleasure label - date  of re-issue not yet established.






Music for Pleasure cassette version

MPF  41 5761 4

















Cassette version available from Amazon

1980  20 Welsh Male Choir Favourites

This is a compilation of EMI Recordings

There are several choirs on the LP.
The Morriston Orpheus Choir sings: Land of my fathers ~ Cwm Rhondda ~ The Ash Grove ~ Hiraeth ~ Counting the goats ~ Ar hyd y nos ~ Tydi a Roddaist (all conducted by Eufryn John) and Llef ~ Dafydd y garreg wen ~ Cartref (all conducted by Lyn Harry)

Producer Bob Barratt








1980 This is Wales ~  An Album of Welsh magic

A compilation of EMI recordings
Morriston Orpheus Choir. Rhos Orpheus. Massed Male Voice Choirs. Treorchy Male. Dunvant Male. Max Boyce. Philip Madoc.
Producer Bob Barratt


Orpheus tracks: March of the men of Harlech ~ Swansea Town ( tenor solo - Wyn Ashton)

1980  The Great Welsh Male Voice Choral Tradition

Traddodiad Corau Meibion Enwog Cymru

A double LP compilation album, also released as a double cassette album

Decca label  DPA 3071-2

Featuring tracks by Morriston Orpheus, Treorchy, Pendyrus, Rhos and Pontarddulais Male Voice Choirs and others












All songs conducted by Ivor Sims, from his 1958 recordings

LP1 side 1  Tydi a roddaist 

LP1 side 2   Song of the Jolly Roger, The long day closes 

LP2 side 1   Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves  

1981 Berlin Tattoo (Musical Highlights)

~new recording 
Craighall Studios BBT 4
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin
Massed Military Bands, Bugles and Drums, Massed Fanfare Trupeters (Major A J Richards ~ The Life Guards) ~ Morriston Orpheus Choir (Alwyn Humphreys ~ Musical Director) 
Massed Concert of Harpists (Musical Director ~ Sian Morgan Thomas)
Producer ~ Major Michael Parker
Record Producer ~ Bryce Laing

Choir’s involvement
Side One
With band and massed harps ~ Watching the white wheat ~ Edwardus Rex ~
Salute  the Prince of Wales
Choir ~ Ar hyd y nos ~ Weinland
With Massed Bands ~ Grand march from Aida ~ White Horse Inn

Side two
Bands, Trumpeters and Harps ~ Men of Harlech ~ David of the white rock.


1982 How Great Thou Art 

~new recording
EMI/mfp MFP5592
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Clive Williams (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt

Side one
Llanfair ~ Cof am y cyfiawn Iesu (Passion chorale) ~ Christus Redemptor ~ Laudamus ~ Diniweidrwydd ~ Gwahoddiad ~ Emyn y pasg (The Easter hymn) (Soprano soloist ~ Helen Edwards)

Side two
How great Thou art ~ Kymbayah ~ When I survey the wondrous cross ~ Let us break bread together ~ I vow to the my country ~ Stand by me (Baritone solo ~ Terry Smith) ~ Abide with me (Tenor solo ~ Wyn Ashton)


1984 Myfanwy

~new recording
EMI mfp MFP 41 5662 1
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Clive Williams (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt 

Side one
Myfanwy ~ With a voice of singing ~ Kula Serenade (Tenor solo ~ Wyn Ashton) ~ High on a hill ~ Ave verum corpus ~ Come back to Sorrento ~ The old rugged cross.

Side two
Love, could I only tell thee ~ Roll Jordan roll ~ Are you goin’ to Scarborugh Fair ~ My little Welsh home ~ We’ll gather lilacs ~ How soon ~ Gloria in Excelsis.

From the LP Sleeve notes:

Whilst still adhering to a rich musical heritage, the Morriston Orpheus choir is always seeking new avenues to explore. The latest album is a varied selection of old and new, which we hope will bring you pleasure


Reissued in CD format 1988 with additional tracks: Amazing grace ~ Eli Jenkins Prayer ~ The Lord's Prayer ~ Speed your journey ~ Battle hymn of the Republic ~ The little drummer boy











1985 You'll Never Walk Alone 

Voted 'Best Choral Record Of The Year' by the Music Retailers Association

~new recording

Grasmere GRALP 7
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist)  ~ Alun Tregelles Williams (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt 

Side one
Dies Irae ~ Let it be me ~ Anvil chorus ~ Miserere (Il Travatore) (Soprano solo Enid Adrian ~ and Tenor solo ~ Wyn Ashton) ~ Rise up shepherd and foller ~ Medley of Welsh hymn-tunes (Joanna ~ Crugybar ~ Ebenezer) 

Side two
You’ll never walk alone ~ Cymru fach ~ Creation’s hymn ~ Old Folks at home (Baritone solo ~ Terry Smith) ~ L’il Liza Jane ~ My hero (Soprano solo ~ Enid Adrian) ~ Martyrs of the arena.

Gramophone Review March 1986: It is pleasant to find the title-song has more dignity than its football-crowd association would suggest. In fact, this splendid chorus brings a touch of class. The operatic excepts from Verdi and Strauss have a guest soprano who somehow seems to empasize the satisfying sonority of male voices in harmony. This is most happily demonstrated in the negro songs and spirituals. The final piece is one of the time-honoured dramatic anthems so beloved of male choirs over many decades. Still, nothing surpasses the full-throated singing in Welsh of those great, melancholy melodies: Dies Irae, Cymru Fach and, above all, the trilogy of hymn tunes arranged by Alwyn Humphreys in honour of the Choir's golden jubilee. It would be a hard heart indeed that was not moved by the sheer beauty of Crugybar.   Wally Horwood.

This classic, award-winning  recording is now available as a CD with new cover

Re-issued on the Tring International Label, with additional item  - Tydi a roddaist (no date of re-issue)
No. GRF 336


1985 International Choral Festival

~new recording
Nancy, France
Sacem FN 8602
Alwyn Humphreus ( Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Alun Tregelles Williams (Organist)

Tracks of the MOC and the Gentlemen Songsters of Tonyrefail are all on side 1. Other choirs included on the LP came from Belgium. Holland, Italy, Germany, USA, Poland, Austria and Romania. More info on past concert tours page.


1985 Grand Military Concert (Berlin)

~new recording
With Massed Military Bands.













MOC track: God Bless the Prnce of Wales


1985 Macushla.
with Wyn Ashton

~new recording 
Sain/Cambrian 1338D
Sain Studio, Llandwrog and the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Alun Tregelles Williams (Organist)
The Choir was featured on ~ I’ll walk with God ~ Born free ~ Coedmor.



From the sleeve notes
"If you asked Richard Baker which record has been the most requested record during eleven years of his popular radio programme ‘Baker’s Dozen‘, he wouldn’t say ‘Finlandia‘, Handel’s Largo’ or ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ but rather the Morriston Orpheus Choir singing the ‘Kula Serenade’. However we would all have to admit that the main attraction and feature of that performance is the unique voice of the tenor soloist, Wyn Ashton"
Alwyn Humphreys.


1985 Amazing Grace

~new recording 

EMI (Mfp) MFP 5592
24th November - Brangwyn Hall
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Alun Tregelles Williams (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt 

Side 1
Amazing Grace ~ Without You ~ Eli Jenkin’s Prayer ~ Speed Your Journey ~ Battle Hymn of the Republic. 

Side 2
For King and Country ~ Memory ~ Kentucky Babe ~ Little Drummer Boy ~ Shenandoah ~ Tribute to Matt Munro (Portrait of my Love ~ Softly as I Leave you -Walk Away)

Buy the audio cassette version from Amazon

Amazing Grace [CASSETTE]


1986 A Festival of Welsh Male Voice Choirs

A compilation of previously recorded tracks
Label: EMI Music for Pleasure DL 41 1080 9 / 1080 3
Issued on 2 LPs and on double play cassette
Morrison Orpheus Choir. Monmouth Mass Choir. Treorchy Male Choir. Third Festival of 1000 Voices.

All tracks conducted by Eurfyn John

LP1 side 1: Cwm Rhondda ~ March of the Men of Harlech
        side 2: Bless this house ~ Comrades in arms

LP2 side 1: Ar hyd y nos ~ Jerusalem (And did those feet in ancient times) ~ Ave Maria
        side 2: We'll keep a welcome (solo tenor Ken Williams) ~ God bless the Prince of Wales

Also issued as a double play cassette  from EMI MFP label


1987 Hiraeth

~new recording 
Grasmere GRTC 21
1st March - Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Alun Tregelles Williams (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt 

Cydganed pawb ~ Hiraeth - Credo ~ My bonnie lass she smileth ~ Hyder ~ Jesu who dids’t ever guide me ~ Tydi a roddaist.

Kalinka ~ I’m gonna walk ~ Chorus and laura’s song (Soprano solo ~ Rebecca Evans) ~ Rock’a my soul ~ The rose ~ Duet from the Pearl Fishers (Tenor ~ Wyn Ashton,  Baritone ~ Garfield Jones)

Reissued in CD format 2006 (image below)  and again in 2010


1987 An Hour of Welsh Male Choirs

EMI (MFP) HR 8146
This is a compilation of Grasmere recordings
Morriston Orpheus Choir (Alwyn Humphreys -Musical Director)  Treorchy Male Choir ~ Pontarddulasi Male Choir ~ Gwalia Male Choir ~ Dunvant Male Choir.

The MOC track is A Medley of Welsh Hymn Tunes: Joanna ~ Crugybar ~ Ebenezer; Cymru Fach and Dies Irae

Re-issued in 1988 with different cover and now in CD format








1987 Great Welsh Choirs

Label Ditto (Pickwick International)

A compilation cassette

Morriston Orpheus, Canoldir Male, Treorchy Male, Gwalia Male and Pontarddulais Male Choirs

MOC tracks: Cydganed Pawb (Let all the world) ~ Duet from the Pearl Fishers (with Wyn Ashton and Garfield Jones) ~ Chorus and Lara's Son with guest soprano Rebecca Evans

1988 I'll Walk Beside You

~new recording 
Voted 'Best Choral Record Of The Year' by the Music Retailers Association
Grasmere TO 301
Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones (Accompanist) ~ Alun Tregelles Williams (Organist)
Producer ~ Bob Barratt





Re-issed on the Conifer Record label in 1991

Re-released with this cover in May 2006 and again in 2010 on the Delta label:


Re-released again, with another cover in February 2007 on the Carinco AG label



I’ll walk beside you ~ Mary’s boy child ~ Deep harmony ~ My Lord what a morning ~ He ~ An American Trilogy ~ All I ask of you ~ There is nothing like a dame ~ My dearest dear ~ You are my heart’s delight ~ I got plenty o’ nuttin ~ What would I do without my music? ~ Goin’ home.


1988  Welsh Male Voice Choirs

Label: EMI Compacts for Pleasure
A compilation CD with Morriston Orpheus,  Treorchy, Canoldir, Pontarddulais, Dunvant and Gwalia Males Choirs.










MOC tracks: Cadwyn O Emyn-Donau Cymreig / Medley Of Welsh Hymn Tunes: Joanna/Crugybar/Ebenezer ~  Cymru Fach  ~  Dies Irae


1988 Great Welsh Choirs

Ditto Label DTO 10295
A two cassette pack featuring numerous choirs














Orpheus contribution:
C1 side 1 Credo ~ The Rose
side 2 Let it be me ~ Kalinka ~ Jesu, who dids't ever guide me

C2 side 1 Rock-a-my soul ~ Cydganed pawb ~ Duet from 'Pearl Fishers'
side 2 My bonnie lass ~ I'm gonna walk ~ Tydi a roddaist ~ Chorus and Laura's sing from 'Casanova' - soloists Rebecca Evans


Pickwick label  (PWK 034) and digitally remastered  (estimated date 1988)

Morriston Orpheus, Treorchy Male Choir, Gwalia Male, Canoldir and Dunvant Male Choir


MOC tracks:  Hyder ~ Old folks at home ~ Hyder ~ Anvil Chorus


1989 The MOC Sing the Hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber

~new recording
EMI mfp MFP 5862
26th February ~ Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Alwyn Humphreys (Musical Director) ~ Mair Wyn Jones and Tom Steer (Accompanists) ~ Huw Tregelles Williams and Alun Tregelles Williams (Organists). Guest soloist: Margaret Williams. Musical Associate Mike Timothy
Producer ~ Gordon Lorenz. 

Side One
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR MEDLEY (Main Theme ~ Hosanna ~ The Last Supper ~ King Herod’s song ~ I only want to say - Hosanna reprise ~ Main Theme Reprise)
~ One more angel In heaven ~ Mr Mistoffelees (Baritone Solo ~ Roger Brown) ~ The music of the night ~ Starlight Express ~ Any dream will do.

Side Two
Memory ~ Old Deutoronomy ~ Phantom of the opera ~ Don’t cry for me Argentina (Soloist ~ Margaret Williams) ~ All I ask of you ~ Pie Jesu.


1989 Chance

~new recording 
With The Alarm
IRS label
The choir sing in the track entitled ~ A New South Wales



1989 A New South Wales

~new recording 
26th June ~ BBC, Cardiff
Huw Rees (Deputy Musical Director) with The Alarm
A New South Wales (with the Choir) ~ The Rock




1989 Morriston Orpheus Choir and the Band of H.M. Royal Marines 

EMI Studio 2 TCEMS1264 / CZ24   CDP 7 46934-2
EMI Studios Abbey Road
Re-issue compilation album from A Grand Night for Singing and The Very Best of Gilbert and Sullivan ( 1976 / 1978)
Leslie Ryan ,Choral Director MOC and Lt.Col Paul Neville, Director of HM Band of the Royal Marines Deal
Producer Bob Barratt
Recording Engineer Stuart Eltham

Compiled and remastered by Vic Lanza and Steve Rooke






Ray Woodfield's arrangements of Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe and The Mikado, Rodgers and Hammerstein Medley; Songs from the First and Second World Wars, I believe and The US Marine Corps Hymn.

Gramphone Review September 1989: This reissue includes arrangements by Ray Woodfield of medleys of much loved tunes from Sullivan's Iolanthe and The Mikado, Rodgers and Hammerstein show numbers and two medleys of songs from the First and Second World Wars. All very well done. The War Songs are just right for these forces.

1989 Studio 2 Selection
22 tracks form 12 easy listening CDs

Label: EMI Studio Two CDP 7 91974 2, 

Morriston Orpheus Choir and the Band of HM Royal Marines ~ Ron Goodwin and his orchestra ~ London Symphony Orchestra ~ Geoff Love Concert Orchestra ~ Manuel and the Music of the Mountains,  and more


MOC with the Band of HM Royal Marines; The Us Marine Corps Hymn ~ Oaklahoma ~ O what a beautiful morning ~ It's a grand night for singing (Tracks taken from 1976 LP It's A Grand Night for Singing )


1989 Welsh Guards, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders On Tour  /  Amazing Grace

Label: Monitor MFS 760
This includes tracks taken from “En Route" (1973)
The Massed Bands, Pipes and drums of the Welsh Guards & The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders (Major Desmond Walker ~ Conductor) and the Morriston Orpheus Choir (Lyn Harry ~ Conductor)

Re-issue  with new cover

Monitor MCD 6176 and MON 71760


B&C ~ Band and Choir

Triple crown ~ March of the men of Harlech (Band &Choir) ~ Entry into crater ~ The entertainer ~ Song of liberty (Pomp and circumstance) (B&C) ~ Amazing Grace (Instrumental version) ~ Amazing grace (Choral version) (Bass solo ~ Garfield Jones) (B&C) ~ Entry of the gladiator ~ Black bear and Scotland the brave ~ Space prelude - En route (B&C) ~ Lt Col. Colin Mitchell ~ Kumbayah B&C) ~ Morning has broken ~ Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (Bass solo ~ Garfield Jones) (B&C) ~ Springwoods ~ Evening hymn and last post ~ Taps ~ American salute.


More Songs from the Valleys

no date: a double CD of previously released tracks from 1985 & 87
Tring International label TTCD092a/b









Disc 1: a reissue of You'll Never Walk Alone 1985

Disc 2: a reissue of Hiraeth 1987


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